When you were a kid did you ever feel excluded because of the way you looked?   

Or do you have children in your life that would benefit from my more diversity in their play?  


When I was growing up in a mixed culture family one of the things that often bothered me was that I could never find a doll that look like me.    

Being different and learning about racism at an early age made me aware I didn’t fit in.  My family was not like the other families I knew or saw on TV, and we looked nothing like the dolls in my doll house set.  We were different, and to me as a little kid that just wanted to fit in, being different was a bad thing.  

Later as a parent shopping for dolls for my own two boys, to help them with their social skills and emotional development, I had a hard time finding dolls that were inclusive for boys and that were also multicultural and diverse.   

 So I ended up making dolls for them myself and I started to wonder.  

Why aren’t all children included and represented in dolls?